Entering the Conference

December 1, 2008

December 1st – Outside the entry to the conference hall (Poznan’s World Trade Center) there were a few groups of conference participants to greet us.  First was a global youth initiative.  They held a banner and greeted folks.  I had a good interaction with them.  I told them that their voices were louder than those of my generation and to keep it up since it is their world we are squandering.  They know it.  What a tragedy we are creating.

Next came a group of folks from WWF (World Wildlife Federation) giving out walnuts and asking that we help crack the nut of global warming.  Across the road was Greenpeace setting up, but as I was about an hour early (so I could get oriented and settled in… case the joint, so to speak) I did not wait to see what their point would be.  I just love Greenpeace.  Their confrontational tactics are so necessary in the scheme of things.  Sure, they polarize some folks against us ‘environmentalist quacks’.  But they have been putting their bodies on the line (and sustaining arrest, and occasionally injury and on at least one occasion death) for so long that they should have a place in the ecological hall of fame.

On into the conference hall…

For the Earth – §