The Mother of all Parties

December 7, 2008

I would be guilty of the greatest omission if I failed to include the famous NGO party in my accounting of being here in Poznan.  On the Saturday night and Sunday morning between weeks one and tow of the conference there is traditionally a party thrown by the NGOs attending.  The entirety of the Tuba Club was this year’s venue and the large cavernous brick Interior was reserved completely for that purpose.  Admission was either being in possession of a conference entry badge, being with someone who had one, or likely knowing someone who worked at the club (which would explain the goodly number of extra Polish dudes and dolls there).

I am not much of a party person, let me say, but would quickly learn to be one if I lived in Poznan.  The young set here (hard to dimension that generality) runs a cumulative social life around mobile phones, and so coordinates movements and party going.  The UN crowd does not have that, uh, level of communication, so a mention in the daily ECO (the daily publication of the Climate Action Network, but another post on that topic – see ECO of the past, Omen of the future).  The place was mobbed from 9 pm when I arrived and was still hanging in there at 4 when I left.  Oh yes, I spent the first few hours of my birthday there after midnight as well.

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