Insurance and Risk Management

December 8, 2008

I suppose you might say my late arrival at the conference was occasioned by my personal risk management.  In other words, I slept late, ate a hearty breakfast,  and had a leisurely morning (I can feel the guilt arising). So after checking the list of side events today (there is a one-day hiatus from plenary sessions), I chose a few of interest and set out on my way to building 14b.

My two first choices turned out to be less than personally interesting, standing room only notwithstanding.  So I happened into a third one which caught my eye in the Daily Programme as being co-hosted by Columbia University, my alma mater.  It was one I had rejected on my initial triage due to the title. Climate Risk Insurance.  For me that title was a non-starter, since I admittedly have the personal bias that insurance companies are the leeches of modern society, draining off the financial life-blood of individuals and organizations in support of their bloated payrolls, buildings, corporate jets and executive salaries and ‘perks’.

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