Youth and Climate

December 7, 2008

It is perhaps one of the peaks of pathos, as well as the heights of hope that are represented by what is known at the conference as the International Youth Delegation, but which I prefer to call them, the Next Generation.  They are the cream of the crop among our young visionaries and activists.  They compete for inclusion here in their delegation.  They truly are representative of their constituency in diversity.  They are our conscience in this flawed process that is the COP climate negotiations.

At a meeting I attended this past week which was billed as an ‘engagement of the youth’, a meeting with Yvo de Boer and others of similar stature and vision, a young lady Anna Keenan from Australia, also a member of Al Gore’s Climate Project, gave an inspiring brief presentation in her 5 minutes.  She told of how she and 4 of her compatriots made the journey from Australia to Poznan, Poland entirely overland save for the brief crossing of straits that could not be avoided.  She spoke of the thousands of other young people, members of the Youth Delegation and others, whom they met along the way.  Many of them wanted to join her here in Poland, but few could do to the constraints of their lives, not least of which is funding.

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The Spoken Word

December 6, 2008

December 6th – First let me apologize to my regular readers (both of them) for ‘playing hookie’ as we say, and not posting for a couple of days.  I will try to catch up a little here.  By now I have an immense backlog of thoughts and feelings to share with you.  But I will try to at least reduce that backlog a bit now.

Through my connection with Al Gore’s Climate Project, I was interviewed several days ago, over the Internet.  It was a wonderful chat I had with Greg Mattison, from Poland to New Jersey, over the Internet, with no time delay at all… like he was in the next room.  I suppose my surprise at this minor miracle may surprise some.  But let’s just say that we should not take any of this technological miracle for granted.

The entire pre-edited conversation is a a bit long, but is, as Greg states at one point, “theater of the mind”, which you can access at the following address…

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