The Spoken Word

December 6, 2008

December 6th – First let me apologize to my regular readers (both of them) for ‘playing hookie’ as we say, and not posting for a couple of days.  I will try to catch up a little here.  By now I have an immense backlog of thoughts and feelings to share with you.  But I will try to at least reduce that backlog a bit now.

Through my connection with Al Gore’s Climate Project, I was interviewed several days ago, over the Internet.  It was a wonderful chat I had with Greg Mattison, from Poland to New Jersey, over the Internet, with no time delay at all… like he was in the next room.  I suppose my surprise at this minor miracle may surprise some.  But let’s just say that we should not take any of this technological miracle for granted.

The entire pre-edited conversation is a a bit long, but is, as Greg states at one point, “theater of the mind”, which you can access at the following address…

As always, I invite your feedback and comments (please be gentle ;^)

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