Welcome to the Interdependence Journal, dedicated to the proposition that all forms of life on Earth are equally valuable and, in the sum total of global ecology, are indispensable.  It is dedicated to exploring the critical challenges to humanity of climate change and sustainability, as well as both the simple and complex solutions.

Some of the dates of particular postings will differ from the ‘official’ dates they were posted since many may be written offline and uploaded as web access permits.

The Interdependence Journal is the work of Stuart Scott, instructor, environmentalist, climate crisis presenter, thinker, activist, father, and micro-steward of the planet Earth.  My online personna is StuartGaia in many forums.  I am the founder of the ClimateCorps (www.climatecorps.org), and co-creator of Welcome Back, America, a website marking the transition from the darkness of the presidential administration of George W. Bush to the enlightened presidency of Barack Obama (www.welcomebackamerica.org).

As the ‘editor-in-chief’ (as well as the sole staff member), I warmly welcome your comments and communication directed to info@climatecorps.org at any time.  I look forward to your comments.  All opinions expressed herein are mine, and all depictions of people are intended to be factual, albeit subjective.

Thank you for reading the Interdependence Journal.

For the Earth,
Stuart Scott – §


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