The Age of Stupid

I am at a loss for how to even begin to express the treasure I’ve found in the past couple of days.  It is something so vital to the effort to save humanity from its own ‘success’ that I have decided to attach myself to the effort to promote this amazing documentary.  It is called The Age of Stupid.  I will provide links below to the website for the film, specifically to the page with trailers, and encourage you to whet your appetite in advance of the film’s actual release, which will come as early in 2009 as the people behind the film can negotiate.  But before I lose your attention to that website, let me give you my personal take on the film and its place in the scheme of things.

From my vantage point here in Poznan, I am daily beset by the realization that the chance of our ‘getting it right’ either in Poznan this year or in Copenhagen next year are not good.  Within the climate science community (IPCC and others) there appears to be a consensus that humanity must start to decrease global CO2 emissions by 2015 in order for us to ‘dodge the bullet’.  In this case, the bullet is passing tipping points by which we may no longer be able to stablize the climate within the 2 degree Celsius limit considered the maximum safe limit for global climate to rise.  These markers are all the ‘best guestimates’ that science can offer in these uncharted waters.  In short, it does not look to me like we will make an agreement strong enough in Poznan to bode well for that necessary goal.

So what is needed is for humanity, and here we are talking about everyone from Bill and Belinda Boardroom to Joe and Josephine Sitsback, to have the immediate realization that humanity, and all Life on Earth, is in grave danger… and that each and every one of us MUST shake ourselves out of our lethargy, catatonia, denial, avoidance, or whatever other term captures the reason for our lack of involvement in the battle for planet Earth that is currently waging, and not presently being won.

The Age of Stupid is the most effective vehicle for capturing the heart and mind of each viewer and turning it into indignation and action.

Now, I will relinquish your kind attention and ask you only to spread the word… both of my blog, if you feel it is valuable, and of The Age of Stupid, due out in theaters everywhere in early 2009.  When it is in a theater near you, see it.  If it is not in one, or you wish to put on a screening of your own, contact me at .  Again, this blog can be accessed at, for passing to your friends.

Here’s the link to The Age of Stupid video trailers.  Have at it!

For the Earth – §


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