Emotional Roller Coaster

Dec 3rd – This may be my shortest post so far.  Today I spent riding the emotional waves.  At one moment I am in a state of elation that so many people are here earnestly searching for a way out of the mess we have created.  Then I crash realizing that we are just so many people here quibbling about details… fiddling about as Rome burns.

I am looking deep for the renewed commitment that, independent of outcome I need to stay focused on making a difference in whatever way I can.

For the Earth – §

2 Responses to Emotional Roller Coaster

  1. Paulina says:


    What an incredible, 3-D experience you are providing us. It’s as if we were all there with you, exploring it all. What a service! Thank you!

    • stuartgaia says:


      No, thany YOU for reading the blog. I was doing it for my emotional balance and sanity, as well as to allow others to experience what I am experiencing. I am happy that I am succeeding at that.


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