Arriving in Poznan

November 30th – I have arrived in Poznan.  It was not a long trip, and the scenery was welcome if a bit bleak on a damp, gray winter day.  On the train the woman sitting opposite me was also on her way to the conference, and American, working for the Stockholm Environmental Institute, stationed in Bangkok.  Due to the ‘sit in’ at the Bangkok airport, she was forced to find unconventional means of leaving the country and ended up waiting 12 hours at a small airfield which had been setup by the Americans as an operational base during one of the conflicts of the late 20th century in that region.

She was very talkative and helpful however, giving me some tips on what to expect at the conference, what documents to watch out for, and what social events were not to be missed (like the NGO party on Saturday evening).  She also indicated that if faced with the choice of admission as an NGO observer or a member of the press, she would choose the former.  She also gave me the valuable tip to register the Sunday evening of my arrival, rather than wait for the opening day of the conference when registration is bedlam.  Her advice on the preferable registration status was useful since I was indeed faced with a choice.  And that advice was repeated by another apparent veteran of the process standing at the counter next to me.

I grabbed a booklet at the information desk on the schedule of ‘side events’ for the conference.  There is a dreadful overlap of events that I would like to attend.  Being just one person, I will have to choose.  As my reason for coming is to make the greatest difference I can to the outcome of the conference, my selection will have to be guided by my intellect, instinct and providence.

For the Earth – (S)

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